An incredible story!
Chico Forti, ex-champion in windsurfing and producer of short films, was in Miami at the time of the murder of fashion designer Versace and of the suicide of Cunanan. He produced a movie on the death of Cunanan in collaboration with a detective of the Miami police department. Three months after the production of Il sorriso della medusa", “The medusa’s smile” (you can see the movie on You Tube), an Australian named Dale Pike was murdered in the same way as was Versace. He was the son of a hotelier with whom Chico did business and had come to Miami on vacation where he was to be a guest of Chico.

Chico was interrogated as a murder suspect without legal representation and without the Italian Embassy being informed (in violation of the Vienna Convention); detective Gonzalez tore a photo of Chico’s children in pieces swearing he would never see them again: a sentence had already been decided even before the judge signed it! Several tests (including DNA and lie detector) failed to provide evidence that Chico was involved in the murder of Pike. Nevertheless, the prosecutor asserted that Chico was the one ordering the homicide, without providing any proof or being supported by any credible motive, providing only circumstantial arguments! Read the web links published by this group and you will understand the implications of the case and how cruel the American justice system can be against somebody who expresses a personal and critical opinion.

In Chico’s hometown, a foundation has been established to fund the high costs for his legal defense, but after ten years he is still imprisoned in Florida. Four appeals have been submitted and all have been rejected without reason or explanation.

In March 2009, an Italian Senator, Giacomo Santini, presented this case for the umpteenth time to the Italian Senate in a parliamentary discussion and informed Franco Frattini, Minister of Foreign Affairs, that this case has more of a flavor of revenge from the judge presiding over the Versace-Cunanan case than of a profound judicial proceedings error. During the trial, testimonies were manipulated, “circumstantial evidence” artfully constructed and the jury misled by false declarations.

Chico has lost everything he had. In 2001, his father died from a broken heart – just one year after Chico’s imprisonment. His wife divorced him after losing all hope to see him again as a free man and he never saw his three children again. His relatives have sold all their belongings to pay for the incredibly high attornies’ fees and other legal expenses without achieving any positive outcome.

But, Chico kept something which no trial or court in the world can take from him: his FRIENDS, who believe that JUSTICE should be an unconditional right for any man, in any country in the world.

Please HELP CHICO to obtain an appeal at the Federal Court in order to demonstrate his innocence!!!

Please join our Facebook group and help spread this information among your friends. It only takes 2 minutes of your time. Each new friend can be extremely helpful to his cause!

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